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And Each Time You See The Film You Will Discover A Different Story 

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   Once upon a time, our tale begins with Vera (who isn’t a princess, but wants to be) who receives an engagement ring from her prince charming, along with a heart wrenching confession... he cheated, but it’s okay because he’s coming clean now. Vera smiles, takes a deep breath and then... allows him to die. Vera's brother Alex is a homicide lawyer whose personal and professional beliefs do not reflect on the cleanliness of his soul. Yet he does not believe his sister deserves to get away with murder and refuses to pull any strings to help Vera out of her predicament and imminent jail time. This changes however, when the pressure from his materialistic trophy wife becomes unbearable and he accepts a strange offer from a friend (which included a blank check) to send Vera on a mission to get something for him, in return for a clean record. The only catch is that Vera would have to go to a money laundering sex-joint owned by the mafia where she would have to become a hooker. Scared to death of "the hooking life" Vera is forced to choose between that or ten years in prison. Once she comes to the realization that she’s going to be a piece of meat in either place, Vera makes the decision. Better to deal with the devil you know, and she finds out that this devil is not as scary as she thought he would be, and maybe even a little cute...

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