Currently Yelena is working on the dark comedy/fantasy "Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales" which she wrote, directs, acts, produces and just like in "P-Word Pizza" she wears every possible hat. Yet unfinished the film was submitted to a few film festivals that reviewed films in progress and "Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales" wins Accolade for "exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, concept, originality, humor and research by a filmmaker who makes a significant contribution to social change or a humanitarian effort" at the "Film,Television, New Media & Videography Awards" in CA, The Prestige Film Award for "the technique and imagination exhibited is above other productions". "Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales" also plays at Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas, wins an award at Indie Gathering Film Festival & Convention in OH, as wells at Flipside TV and The International Movie Trailer Festival.

Sabel’s work has not gone unnoticed. Award-winning writer-journalist Richard Godwin interviewed her in his infamous Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse series and she was featured in Pulp Metal Magazine.
Yelena has managed to infuse a low-budget production (less than 50k) with all the exotic locales, spectacle, lavish decor and sweeping visual styles commonly associated with studio tent-pole productions.
 Sabel explains, "My biggest dream is to create something intense and powerful; not just to entertain people, but rather to take them on a journey that they will never forget.” 

Yelena Sabel Filmmaker Bio.   From Ukraini​an nurse to American filmmaker

When a exotic beauty a former Ukrainian ER nurse Yelena Sabel came to the USA she spoke zero English and had zero dollars her first jobs were bussing tables and cleaning toilets in chain restaurants. After years of learning language, taking acting classes, and gigs of bartending, belly dancing and modeling lingerie, hair and feet she began started to work work on stage for classic and contemporary Off-Broadway plays. 

  She gets cast in a feature film a dark comic adventure "Fight The Panda Syndicate" which production involved over 500 people and for which she wrote additional dialogues and helps co-produce. Sabel gets noticed by a award winning director Fred Carpenter and gets cast in the cop thriller "The Night Never Sleeps" where she plays Eric Roberts' mistress. Film gains numerous nominations and awards.

  Same director casts Yelena in his next feature "Charlie Mantle" where she plays a girlfriend of Soprano's star Robert Funaro, alongside by Sean Young and Armand Assante.
  She then gives a smashing performance at blood freezing horror flick for
"Bongo:Killer Clown" of an award winning director Geraldine Winters for which she wins the best actress award.
  Then Sabel begins to study the other side - what happens behind the camera. She studies writing, cinematography, casting directing, wardrobe, film music and editing.

​Soon enough she gives the world a short dark comedy "P-Word Pizza" a stylish controversial and very politically incorrect film that shocks the audience yet plays at various film festivals and then wins a best picture award at the one of the top 25 film festivals in the world Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. Because 90% of actors in "P-Word Pizza" are Asians Yelena attracts interest of Asian Community and then appears in the publication for Asians On Film http://